The best articles for Northamptonshire businesses 2023

Articles on Northamptonshire and the Internet

A collection of articles to assist local businesses.

Over a number of years, I have produced a number of articles to help local businesses understand the Internet and profit from that knowledge. Google and the Internet have changed the way business is done. Today without a website, no business will be viable.

Each article is described in basic detail, explaining why it was created and what the benefits for a business owner or manager are. All articles are produced by the Northamptonshire Business Directory and open in a new window.

Northamptonshire articles to help local businesses

Our Blog. There are a large number of posts in the Blog (in the menu bar) that addresses day-to-day problems and report on the best steps to take to solve the problem. As always, if you need help, please contact us using the form in the menu bar. We are here to help. The listing is not in any particular order, so enjoy finding something of interest.

How long does it take to be listed on Google?

After registration and completion of the listing, your information is added to our sitemap. As we are a Directory with many listings and changes, Google indexes the information frequently.

      • Local Business Listing background. The Internet is a strange place, with its own rules and little regulation. But it is also an area of great opportunity for ordinary businesses. Why a listing in a quality local Business Directory can increase customer numbers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
        • Our simple advertising Guide. Like many websites and Directories, we offer the opportunity to advertise. We already have a number of advertisements, but there is always the possibility of an advertisement to suit requirements. Please contact us via the form. For more information, please follow the link.
        • A list of benefits in the local Directory. There are many Directories that provide a business listing service. Many are national and a limited number are local. They are not all the same. Most require payment for the main benefit which is a URL link to your business website. We don’t. Check out the many benefits of a listing in our Directory, which are all free.
        • This article covers our version of Marketing. Marketing is a collection of different types of activity that are designed to expose a business to potential customers, covering advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Promotion, etc.
        The Northampton History is more than 5,000n years old. Part of Northamptonshire

        The history of Northampton is nearly 5,000 years old. The largest town which is not yet a city. Northampton and Northamptonshire share a very interesting history.

          • Northamptonshire Jobs Information and links to websites. Naturally, a listing in our Directory provides every listed business, the opportunity to show vacancies on their listing page
          • Here is why being local matters. Why a free local business Directory should matter to everybody business person. Local means jobs, investment and opportunities. Buy local or Bye-Bye local.
          • The Internet can be profitable for any business. The Internet has been mainstream for many years now. I created the first City Guide in 1996. It has evolved out of all recognition. Stay up to date with the possibilities.
          • Best Business Directories. There are a large number of great Business Directories to choose from. Before joining, make certain you believe your customers might use them to search for your business first. Start with local Directories serving Northampton and Northamptonshire first, then the sector Directories you operate in, I.e Footwear or timber or designer clothes. Finally nationally like Yelp.
          • Techniques for searching. There is much more than typing in a few keywords. Here we try to explain how to search and some tricks the professionals use.
          • Leisure. A poem which may bring back many memories of school times. It is very true in today’s fast-moving world.
          • Member Dashboard. Here is a simple start guide on how to create a quick listing. Preparations are important, please check here first.
          • Search Engine Marketing for beginners. Understanding the complexities of Search Engine Marketing, what nobody tells you unless you pay.
          • Small Business Marketing. A simple guide to help small businesses understand how to market small businesses on the Internet.
          • Directory Listing. How to create a business listing that works the first time. It can always be updated, free of charge. No time limit.
          • Local Business Directories. Why a local business listing is often the best choice for businesses. Most customers live within 20 miles of most local businesses.
          • Member information. As a member, we provide help and support to all businesses listed in the Directory.
          • Consumers Guide. A simple for visitors and consumers using the Directory for the first time.
          • About Us. Possibly the most important page after the home page. Customers use this information to decide if they want to purchase and deal with the company. Get this right and sales will follow.

          How much and how long does a Business listing take to work?

          Our Directory is free to Northamptonshire Businesses. The listing is added to our sitemap for Google to index immediately. The benefits start within a few days.

          As you can see I have written a number of articles over the years, with a single aim to help Northamptonshire businesses be successful. It is hard creating a Directory where many companies and customers did not know it exists and promote the many benefits of the free service. It is just my hobby.