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Sometimes call FAQ, (frequently asked questions)

Here you find some of the more common questions and answers that have been requested. They are designed to help any new or existing member get the best results from the free listing service.

Northamptonshire Business Directory

For local companies only

Why is it free?

Good question. We are supported by advertising from Google and individual companies. We also promote some of our other websites. For more information on local advertising, check out the information page here. The Northampton Business Directory was created to help local businesses in the Northamptonshire area prosper. If you care about your business, we will also care.

Basic Information

After Registration, you are directed to the Member Dashboard, where all the information required to complete the listing quickly is displayed. Approval can take 48 hours, so please be patient.

Business Description

Important Section

The business description is one of the most important sections. Without a detailed description, a listing cannot be found when customers search for a product or service. We suggest a description contains about 300 words, describing your business and services. A company name is important in the description.

Google searches a website for information to index, and searches all company descriptions in the Directory, frequently.

Our search facility allows potential customers to search for a supplier based on the description in the Directory listing. The better the description, the more chances of being found.


We use the industry standard for business websites.

This is the HTTPS:// seen in the menu bar. This website uses 128-bit encryption, we also have our own security measures in place.

We aim to comply with the UK Data Protection Act 2017 and the European Union's "General Data Protection Regulation". Which came into force on 25th May 2018.

For more information please see. UK Data Protection Act and UK Data Protection

European Union Directive

The EU will enforce the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation from the 25th May 2018 and will take action against companies not complying with the law. This Regulation also applies to all UK companies.

Comprehensive Guide

More information here

The UK-EU trade agreement will bring changes.

The final agreement reached on Christmas Eve of the UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement will bring many changes to all types of companies.

We have added Anti-virus and Malware protection software to boost the security already in place.

To show correctly in the Directory, a company or business logo should be 1200px wide. If you have a large logo image, this will be automatically reduced. You can always change the image at anytime if required.

Shop Locally

Local businesses desperately need your order to survive.

People think locally when shopping. . It is so easy to use the Internet to search for products and services to get the best price, and this will not change. Many of the businesses already listed in the Directory offer special discounts and services and supply customers from their websites.

Local shopping boosts the local economy and is good for business, More detailed information for shopping locally

More than 84% of consumers say they trust online business reviews as well as individual recommendations when deciding where to shop. Furthermore, customers trust recommendations from people they know.

Reviews and ratings, as well as responses from business owners, help companies manage their reputation and track their scores. The result is an understanding of how consumers locate a business, interact with products and web content and ensure you reach the right customers.

Listing has the opportunity for customers to leave their views and comments, these are indexed by search engines and add to the credibility of a business.

Here is why you should promote reviews of your company.

You can always make changes

There are unlimited changes available, just login in and correct the mistake. Always remember, you are presenting your business to potential customers, check spelling, address and other details. The more you update the better the search results.

Help is only a click away

After registration, you are at the member Dashboard which has all the information needed to quickly create a business listing.

Use a marketing company

Another option is to have your marketing company do it for you. Make certain they provide the login details for your listing, just in case.

No Spam from us

We hate spam emails as well. Your email address is considered private, and will only be used to contact you about the Directory. We never sell our member information.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions at the bottom of every page. This information is a legal requirement for every website

Trustpilot review of the Northamptonshire Business Directory

Northamptonshire Business Directory would love your feedback. Post a review to our Google profile.

How does being listed in multiple Directories make sense?

It is all about exposure. Nobody knows how Google works, but it is commonly agreed the more places a business is seen and has quality links, the higher the business rates in search engine results.

We accept advertising in this Directory

We have additional information about the type of advertisements and placement in our Advertising policy document.

If there is nothing that helped, complete this form, and we will hopefully provide the answers you are looking for.