Survey for local member support

Short Survey

A survey for me, to help you.

This a survey form for Northamptonshire business website questions. The website is often forgotten in the haste to get the business physically ready for opening after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted. This is my hobby, so take advantage from my experiences. Hopefully it might help you.

Agony Aunt

Many years ago ( I am quite old) newspapers used to have an “Agony Aunt” section. This was was before the Internet and social media, and was used to answer many questions had, if they nobody else to turn to. Nowadays it is very hard to find a resource the will provide genuine answers without wanting something it return. Keeps me busy which is the main thing.

We also have an extensive Question and Answer section which might help as well. If you don’t ask, you will never know. Nowadays everybody asks Google, but do you find what you want to know?

This is a very simple survey to understand if business people understand the value of a business website, especially their own business site.

Such a valuable asset which is often forgotten in the daily stress of coping with the drama of covid-19.

We do not log or retain any details so as to comply with current data protection laws.