We must help Ukraine survive this war, right now.

Ukraine must survive for all our futures

Ukraine needs help and support. This post is to show our support for the Ukrainian people. We welcome any links to information, videos and local support groups. These links will be checked and verified before inclusion in this post. We all know that fake news is also a weapon of war.

Support Links

Please use the Contact Form to send information for inclusion in this post. Doing nothing should not be an option.

General support of the Ukrainian conflict

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Omicron, Covid-19 and local business survival plans.

Omicron is here to stay for a while.

We have all seen the continuing news, every hour, every day on television and heard it on the radio. Most people have now turned off from paying any attention to Omicron and Covid-19 in general.

Restrictions are in place, but in reality, people have already made up their minds on what they believe, and what actions they will take. It does not matter if nightclubs are open if people have decided not to visit. The majority have develop their own Omicron survival plans, no matter what the Government plans are.

It is different for local businesses, they have to plan for all the individual decisions made. Interesting Omicron article, might help with the decisions.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Time for hard Omicron decisions.…
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What you did not know about Promoting and Marketing.

Promoting a website is what we do best.

There is a difference between promoting and marketing, which is misunderstood. In a small company they will be under the same manager. Larger companies will separate them into two departments. Marketing can be considered as the top level, with Promotion as part of that organisation. They provide different types of services.

Marketing takes care all aspects of the company products and services. Including pricing, package, publicity and promotion. Called the The 4 P's. It is very difficult to just market a website. This is the place for the promotion team. This local Directory is part of many companies promotional efforts.

Promoting a Website.

Promoting a website requires some knowledge of how websites are created and work. The skills of the website developer, the target market and the budget available. A…

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The more powerful your description, the better the results

Images and text are both important

Since you are running a business, you should join as many suitable business directories as possible. A description in our business directory is a searchable on-line registry, that has details of all the information the business has supplied.

No information or only a few words will make it very hard for any customer to locate your business amongst all the other businesses in the local Directory

Your description words matter

The free business listing includes, business name, contact details, address, website address, and importantly your business description. It can also have images and outbound links. Itโ€™s important you have the details of your business correct.

In fact, did you know that Google ranks websites based on the information you provide? Yes, thatโ€™s right. …

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One to One, photographic courses

Helen Tisbury photographic courses

Helen Tisbury, is a passionate photographer based in Northampton. She developed a passion for capturing wildlife, landscapes, and nature. Which led her to buying her first SLR camera in 2008.

What a good idea

She now provides 2 hour courses locally, to teach people about digital cameras, what all the buttons do, what the menus mean and how to get off auto mode.

With a camera, a photography course, and an RPS Licentiate Distinction(LRPS), she started capturing memories, landscapes, etc., and never looked back.

A camera is your view of the world, and it will always be different from other photographers.

She will teach you how to love your camera, give you the skills that will last you a lifetime, get you taking photographs you will be proud of and become a succ…

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Not found? A Directory listing is the answer

Not Found, is bad for business

Google and other search engines index the Internet continuously. There are a number of reasons why a website is not found in search results.

The majority of website owners visit Google and search for their name or products, and see the results on the top page. Happy they are found. This is possible one of the biggest mistakes any company owner can make.

We love helping our members with website promotion

We have mentioned many times that search engines understand personal search terms. This means they filter the results to provide what are being searched for. Because this has been done this before. That's what search engines are good at.

The image shows buildings above the cloud line, but the buildings below cannot be seen. It is the same with Search Engines. If a webs…

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Change is coming to the Directory

We have to change the free listing to a paid listing in 2022

It has been decided to change the free listing option, to a paid option from 2022. We established the Local Directory in 2014, and there has always been a free option for every business located in Northamptonshire.

Like everybody, we are facing rising costs from every direction, so change has to happen. We believe the Listing options from 2022 will offer great value, and will help fund the work we do to promote the Directory for the benefit of all listed Northamptonshire businesses.

Nothing before December 2021

Every business that joins before the end of the year will still enjoy all the existing benefits and there is no expiry date on Listings created until the end of the year.

There are many benefits for any type of local business that ha…

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Prepare for a hard winter now

A hard winter needs preparations

A hard winter can mean different things to different people. Normally associated with freezing cold winds, icy roads, power cuts, and snow. But this year it is likely to be different. In affect, a perfect storm is approaching.

A combination of Corvid-19, higher fuel prices, shortages in the shops and the weather will possible test everybody, but there are important steps that can be taken.


Covid-19 will around for a long time, and winter is often the worse. Prepare for lock downs and restrictions, by purchasing face marks, preferably the FFP2 type if possible before the rush starts. A basic reserve of food, and hand sanitisers.

A hard winter means higher energy bills.

Possible the one area where people have some control. Reduce energy consumption and in…

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Free local advertising for business

Free Advertising. How the Directory helps a business find the customer.

Businesses of all types use advertising to market and promote their business. Whether it is in a local newspaper or distributing flyers or in Business Directories. There are also strict controls on sending spam emails. The method with the highest success and long term benefits is a suitable Directory listing.

A well-known proverb

The phrase โ€œyou can lead a horse to water, but you canโ€™t make it drinkโ€ is a proverb that means you can provide someone with a nice opportunity, but you canโ€™t make them take it, if they donโ€™t want to. I would also add, especially if the benefits are not understood.

Probably one of the oldest proverbs still in use. You can create favourable circumstances for someone to do something but cannot force them to do it. This was used in…

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