Images and text are both important

Since you are running a business, you should join as many suitable business directories as possible. A description in our business directory is a searchable on-line registry, that has details of all the information the business has supplied.

No information or only a few words will make it very hard for any customer to locate your business amongst all the other businesses in the local Directory

Your description words matter

The free business listing includes, business name, contact details, address, website address, and importantly your business description. It can also have images and outbound links. Itโ€™s important you have the details of your business correct.

In fact, did you know that Google ranks websites based on the information you provide? Yes, thatโ€™s right. So if you aim for a 100 word description, itโ€™s probably going to be concise, but it wonโ€™t rank on Google.

Thatโ€™s because Google requires a minimum of 300 words in your description to index it, before it ranks it. We checked that this post has more than 300 words to meet the requirements.

It’s like reading the newspaper headlines, and then you suddenly know all the news.

After the page is discovered, Google uses indexing to analyse the content of the page by going through the images, text and links. Itโ€™s how you see the correct results.

All the more reason why you should focus on the business description.

We are offering a description creating service

We will visit your website, review the contents and the market sector, and write a 300 word plus description. You have owner of the the text. Be aware that Google and Bing recognise duplicated content and will penalise both, modify it for further use.

Please request further details, using the “Contact Us” form. We accept Creditcards, Debitcards or by PayPal, so you are certain your payment is safe and secure.