The best local small business online marketing solutions

What is local online marketing or promotion?

Online Marketing

Every small business is faced with the challenge of how to market a business after Covid-19. Done successfully, the business could find new customers, even during the Covid lockdown, local online marketing was still vital.

Any promotion or marketing must also consider mobile marketing restrictions and requirements.

Here are some ideas on where to start with online marketing.

The Northamptonshire Business Directory is mobile-friendly. A great place to start local online marketing. All new listings are added quickly so that Google and Bing search engines can index them. An existing website, plus a Directory listing, double the chances of being found.

More and more people now go online. It is vital that the main website and a Directory listing keep potential customers up to date on what the company is doing. The listing provides the opportunity to make changes when needed including offering any job vacancies. There is no charge.

If nobody answers the phone or does not reply to emails, then customers move on very quickly to another supplier, often the main competitor in the area.

The Directory is a free Online Marketing Platform, but businesses must play their part to be successful. This means a listing must contain all the requirements to enable the search engines, typically Google and Bing to understand and index a listing correctly.

How we can help?

Running a business is demanding and takes all the available time. We can help with all online marketing listings, by creating a description and adding the company logo. 300 words are recommended amount. If a business does not promote itself, nobody else will.

It can be hard if you are time-limited or not word creative. Let us create a listing you will be proud of, and it is not expensive. Complete the contact form and we will come back quickly with a personalised offer.

Finally, we are very proud to have received a Global Award for “Best Marketing and Promotion Platform” -Northamptonshire 2022. Our knowledge and skills are used to market and promote all Directory listings.