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County of Northamptonshire

The local Northamptonshire Business Directory enables local businesses and organisations to target local customers, the customers most likely to purchase from a local company. Each listing is independently available to customers searching for information on the Internet.

A business becomes more visible to local customers, bringing more traffic to a website and bricks-and-mortar premises. You are providing this information freely for public use.

No time? Let us do it for you.

Your Listing

A business creates its own Northamptonshire Business Directory listing, complete with photos, specials discounts and other vital information. Local directory listings will show in Google and Bing results.

Active Address

The listing shows your business website address, others charge for this link, we don’t. This means every visitor to your listing can go direct to the business website. This is an important part of exposing your business to as many reliable sources as possible.

Text and Images

A description of about 300 words describing a business is the most important. This is indexed by all the search engines. An image should be included. Maximum 1200 x 600px wide, to show correctly in the listings. A self help guide how to create a web page description, is available. Provide enough information for your customers and for search engines to index.

Encourage visitors to leave a review and to post to the social media links at the bottom of every listing. Free promotion and marketing never got easier.

Large and small

Local business’s are not always small business’s. Large national companies may have a local presence and thereby benefit from local listings with the Northamptonshire Business Directory. Using reviews and recommendations combined with an engaging business listing, customers can quickly decide whether to visit a website or local premises.

Studies Show that…

Reputable studies show that up to 80 percent of shoppers purchase products and services located within 20 miles of their homes whenever possible.

Marketing Sherpa 2012 Marketing Benchmark Report  notes that only 35 percent of business-to-business (B2B) marketers have claimed a local business listing, and a mere 23 percent optimise directory listings for locally-relevant search terms. Business-to-Customer (B2C) marketers score 43 percent and 36 percent for these tactics respectively. Although local searches are proven valuable tactics, only 27 percent of marketers report using local searches as part of their overall business search engine strategies.

Northampton Business Directory meeting

The local Northamptonshire Business Directory for local people and local businesses

The Directory is designed to benefit local companies by targeting likely customers ready to purchase business goods and services. The Directory drives traffic to a website simply because searchers want to find nearby businesses. More qualified sales leads from people in the immediate geographical area. Need convincing? read this important article from a top company

>Data Protection

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation regulation applies to every website in the European Union, and any business that makes contact to a European business from anywhere in the world. The UK Data Protection Act 2018 also applies.

We take your data security seriously. We only hold the minimum of data for the functioning of this website and your free listing. You may request a copy of the data we hold and also request deletion of this data. This will automatically mean the deletion of your listing.

Search Engines love the free local Northamptonshire Business Directory

Major search engines like Google find new sites through links, and local directories like the Northamptonshire Business Directory provide these important links. Visibility to search engines increases along with search engine page rank. Competition for customers on the street and on the Internet is intense.

Making the most of on-line marketing initiatives and options through local listings like the Northamptonshire Business Director is a vital link in a companyโ€™s success. A short Guide to maximising the potential of a Business Website

OK, Let’s get started

Here are some simple instructions to create your free listing. The Directory team is happy to provide help and support.

1. Click on the button “Register” on the menu bar.

2. Select options, click “Next step”

2. Add the requested information for your business.

3. Click save. That’s it. Every application must be manually approved before being accepted, An email confirmation will be sent and then the listing can be completed. More information in the questions and answers section

The Directory is continually updated and is frequently indexed by the major search engines. Providing quality links from a target Directory. No website?, please read our free guide to setting up a website.