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Creating a good Business Listing

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This article has been designed to help companies achieve the most from their listing in the Northamptonshire Business Directory. Not every business owner knows why certain steps are important and the reasons. We are here to help, if the following is still confusing, we can provide a dedicated service and prepare all the information.

How to create a Northamptonshire Directory Listing

Click on Register on the header section of the website, and the following form opens.

These are images that show what the process looks like.

The Register form

Please complete the form. The Username should not be an email address or company name. This cannot be changed.

The Plans page

Select to listing plan required

How to complete the form

We have created a member’s help guide to complete the form. Good idea to have all this available

Members listing information page

After the Create listing button has been selected, here is the main form, which needs to be completed. Any necessary information that is required will be highlighted if not completed.

Listing Form

The start of the listing form

The address details entered will activate the Google Maps function

Final part of the listing form

The description plays a vital role in indexing correctly by Google. Less than the recommended 300 words will always mean fewer opportunities. After the Next step button has been clicked, a confirmation is displayed. We check every listing conforms to our requirements and an email is sent after activation or rejection. Please allow up to 48 hours.

The description is what Google indexes and catalogues a website. Too little information will mean the business cannot be located in search results.

Every Business Listing is automatically added to the Directory Sitemap, which lists all registered businesses. This sitemap is indexed frequently by Google and Bing, ensuring your listing is up to date if changes have been made.

We have an extensive Questions and Answers section if you need additional help and support. A visit to another of our support services at Shopping or Drachsi could provide the help required.