How Business Reviews can help an online business

Why business reviews and listings are important

Northampton Business ReviewsOne of the most important things a small or medium-sized business can do is build a website and get it listed in local business directories. The Northampton Business Directory helps our clients by adding a crucial feature to every business listing – a Review function.

7 out of 10 consumers will leave a business reviews if asked.

According to BrightLocal (2018), over 86% of consumers say they trust on-line business reviews as well as individual recommendations when deciding where to shop. Furthermore, customers trust recommendations from people they know. Reviews and ratings, as well as responses from business owners, help companies manage their reputation and track their scores. The result is understanding how consumers locate a business, interact with products and web content and ensure you reach the right customers.

The 33 million local business reviews on the website 

alone make it clear that people are sharing their opinions on-line. Sometimes they write testimonials, other times merely a Tweet about the service at a restaurant. People are talking 24/7 on the Internet, and it is vital that local business owners pay attention.

Many people search for businesses, services, sales or discounts using a mobile device these days. A website optimised for mobile devices is essential success. Search engines like Google and Bing collect their information from aggregators or web companies that gather information from around the Web. In the UK., the four primary aggregators are Factual, Central Index, ThompsonLocal and Foursquare. Having your business listed locally ensures these databases and indexes are aware of your business. Some of these aggregators charge for a listing.

A top resource is the Trustpilot review website, it is free with paid for upgrades, and any company can list. Business reviews can be a very cost effective method of marketing, because it is the customers that a promote a business and are more likely to be trusted by new Northamptonshire customers.

The free Northampton Business Directory provides an opportunity for every company to receive business reviews for their listing and company. Make certain to ask for a review, it boosts a listing higher in Google search results.


Aggregators also scour business group memberships, bank and phone records, business registration databases and more to provide listings to the big search engines. It can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for the search engines to update their indexes with new data. Most local businesses need to engage in Web-based business building efforts continually, including getting listed in local business directories and updating their listings, to gain the attention of the search engines. Local directories edited by humans, such as the Northampton Business Directory, are less susceptible to spam and therefore considered more reliable sources of information.

Online reviews and feedback are vital to the process of gaining aggregator and search engine attention. Positive customer feedback can greatly expand the direct marketing efforts of any company. Northampton Business Directory recommends businesses add holiday specials, discounts, special offers or other promotions on a regular basis to a local listing, to attract customers to a listing.

More exposure for a business with less effort is always beneficial. With more endorsements for products and services from satisfied local customers, the more likely new clients will be willing to trust a business. Keep contact information on a listing up to date and relevant. The next customer is just a click away. 

The message is clear, every Northamptonshire business should be listed in the free local Directory and in Yelp, ThompsonLocal and Trustpilot