Member Dashboard for the Northamptonshire Business Directory

Welcome to the Member Dashboard for Northamptonshire

This member dashboard is designed to help you, as a member, set up a successful listing. This will enable visitors to find your business quickly and easily. A major boost to website rankings.

Easy to use Directory guide

You may be new to how websites work. Your existing website was probably created by a company, and they take care of all the updates and changes. Maybe not the marketing, or promotion that every company always needs.

The idea of this member dashboard is to show what can be achieved, and things you need to consider. With a little planning, it takes about 5 minutes. You can always make updates, add new text, make special offers etc.

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You have 48 hours to complete, excluding weekends, before your account is deleted.

OK, let’s get started

You will need the following information.

  1. Trading business name.
  2. Full address including postcode. Google needs this for the map.
  3. Business Telephone number including area code
  4. Your business website address, ie. HTTPS://
  5. The main email address which will receive enquires.
  6. Add any social media sites, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.
  7. Time to add your company image, size should be 1200px x 600px max. If you do not add an image, we will place a standard image.
  8. Clearly describe your business, products and services. Google needs to fully index your listing to understand. 300 words are recommended.
  9. Keywords, single or double words, you want to be ranked for.

If this worries you, don’t despair, we offer a free “we do it for you”. more details at Free Listing Creation. No charge.

Member preparation is important

Remember, you are marketing your business, direct to the customer. Check the spelling, then complete the form. Your business reputation is important, do it right.

In the top menu on the right-hand side, you will see your Avatar. Right-click on this, to access additional data.

If you are registered at Gravatar and use the same email address for registration, your image will replace the default Avatar.

All listings are manually approved to prevent out-of-county companies. Please allow time before the listing is active, you will receive an email automatically.

Please check out the “Questions and Answers” if you need more information, send us a message using the “Contact us here” button in the menu bar.