The Northamptonshire Directory is for all local businesses.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the majority of Northamptonshire businesses do not understand how the Internet works for business growth. Nowadays it is vital that every business, large and small has a fully functioning website that is maintained regularly. Receiving an international Award confirms our marketing successes.

A website is a major asset, assisting with customer information, support and often purchases. The problem is one of visibility to customers. A great website without the necessary Internet exposure will never produce the results required. Details on the Global Award are here. Any business unsure if their website is working for their business can check out our Shopper website.

The Global Award is for providing local marketing support for local businesses

Many Directories and especially business Directories require payment for some or all of the listing. If it is a popular general Directory like Yelp, there are benefits to being registered as it attracts many visitors. Many customers will try to shop locally whenever possible, which is why a dedicated local Business Directory has many advantages.

There are many types of Directories, free and paid for. Their main purpose is to provide a link to the business website. Consider them like Yellow Pages. There is no benefit to a business being listed in a Directory in Canada or Austria unless that is a market area for the business.

Search Engines tend to rate Directories well because of their structure and the number of outgoing links. As the listings are added, deleted and modified, this process encourages search engines to visit more often.

An award for the local Directory is always welcome. This award for 2022 is especially good because it is international and was given for the “Best Marketing and Promotion Platform”

A local Business Directory is always good for customers and suppliers

Local shopping for goods and services in Northamptonshire is always better for the local economy. It creates employment and reduces the damage caused to the environment. Suppliers of home services are especially limited in the amount of local coverage available. The majority of the public uses the internet and Google to search for products and services. Do they find your business is the question? The answer is yes if you are registered with the Directory.

2023 will be the year that will see many businesses close if they do not engage with their customers. The best way to achieve this is with a listing in the free local business Directory.