Omicron is here to stay for a while.

We have all seen the continuing news, every hour, every day on television and heard it on the radio. Most people have now turned off from paying any attention to Omicron and Covid-19 in general.

Restrictions are in place, but in reality, people have already made up their minds on what they believe, and what actions they will take. It does not matter if nightclubs are open if people have decided not to visit. The majority have develop their own Omicron survival plans, no matter what the Government plans are.

It is different for local businesses, they have to plan for all the individual decisions made. Interesting Omicron article, might help with the decisions.

Time for hard Omicron decisions.

The first decision to make is about finance. Can the business survive without customers for a period? If not, then closing the business for 3 months might be an option. Some will decide the cost is too high, and will shut permanently. Resulting in a loss of local jobs.

If survival is the decision, then cutting costs to the bone, will be the first step, reducing all and every outgoing that is not absolutely necessary. This will possibly include reducing staff levels.

Some investment will be necessary in 2022

Reduce electricity consumption by installing LED lighting. Fit double or triple glazing if possible, and insulate, insulate as much as possible. There are Government grants available at the moment. Energy costs will never go back to the good old days, so prepare now.

Cutting transportation costs is another area where savings could be made. Reducing opening hours, or changing the times of opening maybe be an option.

A successful website could make all the difference

Unfortunately the website is often an early casualty of cost cutting. If a business plans to survive, then it will need the website. Nowadays, there are so many free options to create and manage a website.

Many of which can be done in any free time. That’s where this local Directory can help. We promote all Northamptonshire member companies, free of all costs.

Do you know if your business website has problems?
Do you know if your business website has problems?
Do you know if your business website has problems?

This local business Directory for Northamptonshire is different. We like to help local businesses, and it is not about the money. Check out the Questions and Answers section, and if the question is not solved, drop us a line, happy to help.

We take this opportunity to wish visitors, members, customers, staff, suppliers, and everybody living in Northamptonshire a very happy and safe New Year.