Promotion. A free & simple method to gain more customers.

Promotion link building for a business website is what we do.

Listing SEO is the technique used to create quality backlinks to the main business website. This is an important part of the promotion of any website. There are free and paid link resources which can improve substantially search engine results.

A global award for the Northamptonshire Business Directory 2022 for the "Best Marketing and Promotion Platform"- Northamptonshire. shows it can work for the benefit of others. The work never stops. We love it.

We build a quality link pointing to the main business website and show social media links as well. This is something that Aldi does. Linking all the local branches to the main website, from a dedicated quality link resource.

Promotion SEO should be part of every co…
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Omicron, Covid-19 and local business survival plans.

Omicron is here to stay for a while.

We have all seen the continuing news, every hour, every day on television and heard it on the radio. Most people have now turned off from paying any attention to Omicron and Covid-19 in general.

Restrictions are in place, but in reality, people have already made up their minds on what they believe, and what actions they will take. It does not matter if nightclubs are open if people have decided not to visit. The majority have develop their own Omicron survival plans, no matter what the Government plans are.

It is different for local businesses, they have to plan for all the individual decisions made. Interesting Omicron article, might help with the decisions.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});Time for hard Omicron decisions.…
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Finding local customers: Tips for promoting a business online

Who are my local customers, and where are they?

Where do online national and local customers come from? A simple question. For many businesses and organisations, this is very hard to answer. There are facilities to understand who and why people visit a website.

Listed in this free Northamptonshire Directory are a wide variety of businesses, and many different styles of websites. Having a website is only the first step in finding customers. Potential customers have to find the business website as well. For the smaller business owner or the manager of a local branch, this next step does not happen.

Business Promotion

Who takes care of the website? Unfortunately often the answer is nobody. It could be DIY, a website designer, in some cases a marketing company. There are steps even a small business can do to promote themselves and their website. …

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Local Directories.

Local Directories mean business.

We have written an article about the benefits of local Business Directories for businesses of all sizes. The information is too much to show in a post. Here is the full article.

Every business with a website, has the problem of how to be found if the business is not already well known. Some business names are nothing like their website name. People search for what they think are the right words to find a business, not always what the company is known for.

Don't use Google to search for your business

If you do, you will nearly always come out near the top. Why? Because Google understands people very well, and also understands interests and recent search words. If you frequently ask Google about your company, it remembers your interest, and provides information matching those words.

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Time to prune the Northamptonshire Business Directory

Late autumn pruning of the Northamptonshire Directory

The Northamptonshire Business Directory was created in 2014 as a solution to the dominance of large retailers in the town and online. Plus groups of national businesses of all types. The typical town has many of the same companies, and not just in Northamptonshire but across the country. Little space for the small local family business.

To all existing members.

We will be sending an email shortly to all members, requesting confirmation the business is still trading, and we have the right contact details. We understand the Corvid-19 Pandemic has taken a terrible toll on many Northamptonshire business, but we are forced to take this step to make the Directory relevant to local customers.

We have now sent out our newsletter, if you did not receive your copy, maybe it is in your spam folder,…

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New version of the popular local Northamptonshire Business Directory coming shortly.

We have been working on a more modern up to date version of the Northampton Business Directory. The Directory started in 2014 and has been through many updates. This all new version will be ready by the end of August.

All existing member information, and listings will remain. One of the challenges has been to improve the Directory, but not lose any existing information. It is expected many companies will take the chance to upgrade their information and provide new images.

Security has been increased, listing made faster, and it is easier to find where customers are located, and travel information.

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Is your town centre successful?

Is your town centre dying?

As Brexit takes its toll of businesses of all types and sizes, town centres across the country are facing major stores and small family businesses shutting down and leaving boarded up premises. This starts a change reaction as the number of people making the effort to visit any town centre falls, the shops they wanted to visit have closed or moved away to out of town shopping areas.

Update April 2019

Here is a classic example of what is happening in Northampton and across towns all over Northamptonshire and the country.  Peppertrees is closing. Who will be next, until the town centre is empty?

Brexit and the Internet are partly to blame

Firstly Brexit. It is the uncertainty of the future and how customers are delaying purchases to see what happens after Brexit. No surprise in that. The Internet and online purchases have had a devastating effect on town centres across the country. Companies have failed to addre…

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Northamptonshire business owners are strange

Northamptonshire business owners are strangeEverybody in business knows customers are important, and promoting a business is also important. This can be in the normal way of leaflets, phone calls, advertising, emails and promotions. Often overlooked is the 24 hours a day 7 days a week that a free listing in the local Northamptonshire Business Directory can bring.Customers now search on-line for products and services, even though they may still visit a business to complete a purchase. Customers can find a business website on-line if it set up correctly. which takes time and knowledge. Another method used is a local Business Directory or a Directory specialising in certain types of products or service. The reason is because customers realise that all the companies are likely to be listed that are required. Then it is up to the listing to make the sale.As a business owner, could you write 300 words about your company and why it is the best? Unfortunately the case i…
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Northampton Business Directory Opens

Welcome to the Northampton Business Directory Local people use local companies. It is a well known fact that most people purchase within 20 miles of their home. Our Business Directory is targeting the Northamptonshire area. Now more than ever, businesses can leverage the local connection to their advantage. Northampton in the Search Engines Have you noticed that when you type Northampton into a search engine, the results shows paid listings first, but then many of the following listings are for "Northampton" towns located in America and Australia. This Directory aims to make it easier for small and large companies to be found locally, we undertake a lot of the promotion work that is part of Search Engine Optimisation. It will take time, but expect this site to show better Northampton UK in the results. The results depend on how you search for Northampton Check out our guide to searching online.
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