Promotion link building for a business website is what we do.

Listing SEO is the technique used to create quality backlinks to the main business website. This is an important part of the promotion of any website. There are free and paid link resources which can improve substantially search engine results.

A global award for the Northamptonshire Business Directory 2022 for the “Best Marketing and Promotion Platform”- Northamptonshire. shows it can work for the benefit of others. The work never stops. We love it.

We build a quality link pointing to the main business website and show social media links as well. This is something that Aldi does. Linking all the local branches to the main website, from a dedicated quality link resource.

Link building is website promotion

Promotion SEO should be part of every company’s knowledge.

This process should be spread over a period of time, so as not to have search engines blacklist the website. It all comes down to what is good for Google. Google loves quality links all connecting to a business website. More links mean better search engine results for customers.

Let’s consider the four main types of links used.


Social Media

Post and Article linking

Internal Linking


There are many types of Directories, free and paid for. Their main purpose is to showcase the business and provide a link to the business website. Consider them like Yellow Pages. There is no benefit to a business being listed in a Directory in Canada or Austria unless that is a market area for the business. Ensure the Directory is exactly the place customers would visit. There is a very limited benefit of a listing if there is no backlink to the business.

Search Engines tend to rate Directories well because of their structure and the number of outgoing links. As listings are added, deleted and modified, this process encourages search engines to visit more often. Our sitemap of all companies is updated daily to ensure the best result.

Social Media.

Social media is the number one marketing done by many businesses. It takes a lot of time and effort and is often the only customer-facing information produced. For more traditional businesses a website is the main focal point and social media activity supports the website with links.

Post and Article Promotion

A traditional area used by many companies. Google is hungry for information. If a website has only a few pages, and no posts, it will be unlikely to rate high in search engine results. Not every page needs to be shown to the visitor, but it is vital all the pages and posts are listed in an up-to-date sitemap.

Internal linking

How the website is organised and maintained will determine which internal items are interconnected. The Marketing department may undertake this or the website designer (if instructed) It is always helpful if there is a person internal or external designated as the “Webmaster” who coordinates all the information to maximise search engine optimisation.

Marketing covers many areas, promotion is just one part of marketing. Promotion is all about building positive awareness, and that starts by promoting the business through a local Directory. If the business cannot be seen, then nothing else matters.