Late autumn pruning of the Northamptonshire Directory

The Northamptonshire Business Directory was created in 2014 as a solution to the dominance of large retailers in the town and online. Plus groups of national businesses of all types. The typical town has many of the same companies, and not just in Northamptonshire but across the country. Little space for the small local family business.

To all existing members.

We will be sending an email shortly to all members, requesting confirmation the business is still trading, and we have the right contact details. We understand the Corvid-19 Pandemic has taken a terrible toll on many Northamptonshire business, but we are forced to take this step to make the Directory relevant to local customers.

We have now sent out our newsletter, if you did not receive your copy, maybe it is in your spam folder, no problem, you can see it here

If you did not receive an email, that maybe because of anti- spam filters on your email program. Please check there first, and if there is no email from us, please use the contact form to inform us of the problem.

A message for customers

As a Directory for local businesses, it is important that the companies listed and links to their main business website, work. Nothing more annoying when an error message is displayed, Not Found or similar. We are asking all members to confirm they are still available.


The local Directory Team