Here we explain why info@ can harm your business.

There are many reasons why using info@ as a business email address is very bad for all businesses. We try to set out the problems and disadvantages of this type of email address.

Customers and Marketing are the reasons


Customers are the most important reason why any business operates to make a profit. So it is essential to consider how they react to what they see. The email address used plays a significant part in customer interaction. Typical email addresses are info@, and sales@ but as they are so common, spammers know that about 40% of companies have these email addresses. All they have to do is use these and many will be read or even opened. Putting the company website and communications at risk.

Depending on the type of business, the use of a more personalised email address is recommended. Some examples would be ” helpline@, customer-support@, vacancies@, special-offers@ etc, or a more human name such as joe.u@, charlies@

Brand and marketing


Any business, large or small should consider the business brand image. Consistent logos, colours and emails. All are important.

Marketing and info@

Many marketing companies forget about the email factor. Time and money are spent on great graphics, creating suitable pages etc. Sometimes the marketing company is involved in the website development, helping to establish internal and external links to suitable sources of information. Are all part of search engine optimisation. But what about the email?

For an email address do not use info@

Emails, do and don’ts

The basic rules are never, ever use an email account that is not associated with the business website. Common is to use a Gmail account, but this sends the wrong messages to customers. One is the website could be part of a scam. Another is that nobody knows how to set up a business website email address.

Further ideas on professional emails and how to create the perfect email address.

What would be the best email address

Depends on the usage. Check out this link for in-depth email information, or this for a lot more ideas on emails.