Helen Tisbury photographic courses

Helen Tisbury, is a passionate photographer based in Northampton. She developed a passion for capturing wildlife, landscapes, and nature. Which led her to buying her first SLR camera in 2008.

What a good idea

She now provides 2 hour courses locally, to teach people about digital cameras, what all the buttons do, what the menus mean and how to get off auto mode.

With a camera, a photography course, and an RPS Licentiate Distinction(LRPS), she started capturing memories, landscapes, etc., and never looked back.

A camera is your view of the world, and it will always be different from other photographers.

She will teach you how to love your camera, give you the skills that will last you a lifetime, get you taking photographs you will be proud of and become a successful photographer. All courses are on a One to One basis, only you on the course and tailored just for you.

Website: https://helentisbury.photography

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