Business website survival plans

Survival may depend on these simple steps.

Survival of the fittest. Don’t assume all will survive.

2023 is not looking good for many small businesses. Customer numbers are down and nobody is spending money unless it is absolutely necessary. Business survival may depend on what steps you take. Read the rest of our how-to survive guide.

Every business depends on a wide range of suppliers, everybody is reducing expenditure, reducing staff and trying to survive. All very depressing. But there are important steps that every business owner should take as soon as possible.

Do you know if your business website has problems?
Do you know if your business website has problems?
Do you know if your business website has problems?

Survival Information Guide for the business website

The business website has been shown to be an early casualty of cost reductions. Most websites were never a high priority unless it was for an online business. Most businesses rely on and depend on outside sources when needed.

What happens to the suppliers and their business decisions will affect many other companies. So it is time to be prepared for an uncertain future. Time to create a survival plan. If you understand the problem, you can do something about it.

Website Check List

Website survival

There are many steps to take to ensure the business has all the available information from the current suppliers.

The website checklist is shown below.

  • The website is probably hosted by a hosting company. Ensure that payments are made by the business.
  • Ownership of the website address, the URL, should be registered to the business.
  • Ensure that passwords and login details are stored safely.
  • If the website designer or marketing agency fails, it will be very hard to recover any information.
  • Take and store a backup of the website, just in case.
  • Appoint somebody in the business to act as Webmaster.

There are many other steps that could be taken to ensure business survival. A worst-case scenario should be planned for, as a matter of survival. Good luck with the future.