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We are a business directory serving the whole of Northamptonshire, we take care that only Northamptonshire businesses and companies with a Northamptonshire address are included in the Directory. Localisation has taken on a new meaning after the referendum to leave the European Union or Brexit. People want back control, and to make their own decisions. This is also true when shopping for products and services.

Locality Shopping

Towns like Bristol and Lewis have introduced a local currency to promote and support local businesses, this trend is likely to continue and there is a strong possibility that a Northampton Pound or Northamptonshire Pound will exist at some point in the future. Spending money locally can have significant benefits for employment and the general prosperity of of area.

How to be a Localist

This means trying to think locally when shopping. It is so easy to use the Internet to search for products and services to get the best price, and this will not change. Many of the businesses already listed in the Directory offer special discounts and service and supply customers from their websites.

Localism is not bad, it is a good idea

Most types of business are local, restaurants, pubs, B&B’s hotels, shops etc. But they seek and need customers from outside the area and locally to be successful. Consider employment, if you are employed in Northamptonshire or are retired, the wealth created by businesses pay into the local tax system, providing, better schools, roads, police, fire services and social services. What goes around, comes around.

Northampton local shoppingUse the localised Directory today and make Northamptonshire prosperous, the search box in the menu bar can locate all listing businesses. This finds companies by name and words contained in their free listing description.

Try a grocer instead of a large super market, visit restaurants in the area and leave a review on their listing page. If they are not listed, tell them about their free  Business Directory listing opportunity.