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Northampton Advertising & Marketing Opportunities

Advertising in NorthamptonLocal companies can focus their advertising and marketing directly to local customers from the Northampton Business Directory. Most small companies have limited budgets and find the whole area difficult to manager. Not with the Directory. We are here to help with individual requirements and specific requests.

A number of leading brands are using the Northampton Business Directory over the last few weeks. We take care to ensure the services and products are suitable, we cannot be held responsible for any unsatisfactory experiences.





Video Advertising


Affiliate Marketing

  • Banner adverts are usually a fixed standard size and displayed within a page content or in a Category Listing.
  • The sidebar on the right hand side shows how an advertisement can be directly focused of a particular customer sector.
  • Sponsorship advertising is an article created by a business on an interesting subject and shown in the Directory, with a direct link to the company.
  • Video can be used on the page and in the sidebar.
  • Articles are submitted from local companies for inclusion free of charge in this Directory.
  • Affiliate Marketing is a solution for companies wishing to build a sales network on a “no sale- no fee” basis.

A video advertisement can have a big impact, especially if it is only for your business, we can help.

We are here to help, please use the contact form to request details.