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We update this Directory often. Like many websites we are continuously making updates to resolve small problems, add improvements and generally keep the website up to date. We aim to keep the local Business Directory for Northamptonshire in top condition. If you see any problems please let us know.

This is a free local Directory offering an all inclusive free listing for every business based in Northamptonshire. To provide the very best service, we depend on local businesses making the effort to join. Many don't. Our updates benefit every business, so why is there not more members?

The value of a listing

Many small businesses are trying to survive during Covid-19 restrictions, and have no time or budget for business marketing and promotion, even if it is free. Making the effort to survive and prosper is great, survival i…

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Why keeping Google happy is essential for business success

Why keeping Google happy is beneficial and profitable.

Keeping Google happy demands hard work and lots of time. What makes Google unhappy? Not enough changes to get excited about. Managing a business leaves little time to explore the fun of SEO. Search Engine Marketing. There is an old saying "United we stand, Divided we fall" ( or could be fail ), and that is true for most businesses. Going alone on the Internet is hard work, tough and requires specialised SEO knowledge.

Consider this. Maybe you manage a pub or own a B&B. Run a restaurant or organise childcare, the list is endless, but how do customers find the business online? By a search. All businesses should tell Google they exist, and what they do. Not just wait to be found. It is a tough world out there online.

There are Directories and there are useful Directories.

Any listing in a sui…

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Google Search

A Google search is the most popular

Searching for a business name into Google may show anything from a few hundred to hundred of thousands of possible links. It also provides data on how many were found in the Google indexed database. Don't forget Google remembers all search history, and will always provide information it thinks people are looking for. More on search techniques here.

A Blackhole is a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing, such as light can escape from it. This is well known. What is not so well known is websites can also fall into Google's Blackhole, never to be found again.

Search using a different search engine

Successful searching depends on which search engine you use, and what you search for. Success depends on the business website using those keywords.

We recom…

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