Why keeping Google happy is beneficial and profitable.

Keeping Google happy demands hard work and lots of time. What makes Google unhappy? Not enough changes to get excited about. Managing a business leaves little time to explore the fun of SEO. Search Engine Marketing. There is an old saying “United we stand, Divided we fall” ( or could be fail ), and that is true for most businesses. Going alone on the Internet is hard work, tough and requires specialised SEO knowledge.

Consider this. Maybe you manage a pub or own a B&B. Run a restaurant or organise childcare, the list is endless, but how do customers find the business online? By a search. All businesses should tell Google they exist, and what they do. Not just wait to be found. It is a tough world out there online.

There are Directories and there are useful Directories.

Any listing in a suitable Directory will always help. Most Directories are too general to have any major impact. But a listing in a fishing Directory along with other fishing businesses, will always work better. Google recognises who the members are, and what the common factor is “Fishing”

A search for “Fishing” will use the combined membership of a Directory to move the results towards the top. Being locate at 985 will not find customers. You know that from your own search experience. That is why a good Directory listing is so valuable.

Directories mean business.

It can be difficult to measure an ROI, return on investment, especially as some Directories promise much after payment has been made. You might not get what has been paid for. After all Directories are in the business of making money for themselves.

Google is one very,very big Directory with approximately 1.2 billion websites Small companies can get lost, never to be seen again. Nobody really knows for certain how Google’s system works, there are just too many variables. Everything is stored on Googles own servers, which is why it is so quick. Americans search for Northampton 25 times more than from the UK.

Naturally if you advertise on Google, searches for a business will rate higher for certain keywords. For everybody else there are two options, do nothing and hope, or join suitable Directories that match a business’s requirements. This Directory is a prime example of a Directory that serves one purpose. To promote Northamptonshire businesses.