A Google search is the most popular

Searching for a business name into Google may show anything from a few hundred to hundred of thousands of possible links. It also provides data on how many were found in the Google indexed database. Don’t forget Google remembers all search history, and will always provide information it thinks people are looking for. More on search techniques here.

A Blackhole is a region of spacetime where gravity is so strong that nothing, such as light can escape from it. This is well known. What is not so well known is websites can also fall into Google’s Blackhole, never to be found again.

Search using a different search engine

Successful searching depends on which search engine you use, and what you search for. Success depends on the business website using those keywords.

We recommend DuckDuckGo because it does not track searches. Searching for a website address maybe be ok, because you know what it is. But people search for information, products, services, just about anything. There is no reason to search for a web address if you already know what it is.

Without sufficient information on the website (in text) Google cannot index the website correctly, and will put it to the back of the queue in search results, into its Blackhole, never to be seen again. With a number of important considerations to make, the average business owner or manager fails to understand the importance of preparation and maintenance of the website, and takes no action.

Google search words matter

For a business website and the same for all the free business listings in this Directory, 300 words is the target. That may sound like a lot, but Google needs to know as much as possible, direct from the business. If not, there is a big Blackhole waiting. A website that is not listed in Google is almost a waste of time.

We know of marketing companies that have fewer than 50 words to describe their business, they love flashy images. Many of which do not have alternative text. Can a marketing agency really market a business website to search engines, when they fail to understand the basic Google indexing requirements?


Two websites that provide help and support are, Mystery Shopper and Drachsi. Both of these websites belong to me. They are part of the support provided to business owners that need to know more, and benefit from more website visitors.