Things to do during UK Lockdown

There are many things to do, only if you want to make the effort

Time has never been more available to staff and companies due to the UK Lockdown. The topic of this post is to bring ideas that may not have been consider, and to use time productively.

I am so sad, I don't understand what lockdown means, I just don't go out as much now. Hope I don't get stolen.

If you are a business owner in Northamptonshire, there are many steps you can take right now to ensure there is a future for your business.

If you are an employee, self employed or on furlough. there is a lot you can do, that will help you face the future with confidence, and help pass the time.

Creating work is not normal

Work is something most of us have to do, but this is not normal times. Jus…

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Is your Covid-19 website ready?

Marketing a Covid-19 ready website.

During Covid-19, a successful website is vital if a business is to survive. With more time available to people, they go online to find information, make purchases, play games and entertain themselves. If they find your website, do they stay?

As a business manager or owner, you can use this extra time during lockdown on your website. Check your website, do not use Google.

Google understands you very well, and will provide links to things it knows you already like. Try DuckDuckGo. they do not keep the search results. See our more detail page on searching.

If your website is not listed in the first two pages, what should you do?

After you have check your website, you may have noticed out of date information, images not loading, etc. make a list, and have your website suppo…

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Free Directory Listing for your business.

More than 960 pages indexed by Google.

The Northamptonshire Business Directory is a popular website for customers, business owners, and Google. With more than 960 pages indexed and includes every Directory listing, which are free.

Marketing never got easier or cheaper

Every company understands the need to market their business. Many companies websites are so often left to fend for themselves. In the highly competitive market of achieving top page results in search engine results, work must be done.

The British Independent Retailers Association reports that 38% of the money spent locally, stays local. This is good for everybody. Help local companies survive, support local businesses.

A Directory listing can make a big difference

This is a very difficult time for many local businesses due to Covid-19. The lo…

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Local shopping online, during Covid-19

The Covid-19 lockdown across the country has forced people and businesses to make plans, and to be ready for an uncertain future. During the previous lockdown, people & small businesses faced many problems. Tier 2 now, or tier 3 soon. Because local online shopping makes sense.

The locally focused Northamptonshire Business Directory is a local shopping online solution for small businesses & people living in Northamptonshire.

Covid-19. Local online shopping solutions for customers. What can you find?

We have more than 50 categories and growing, ranging from business services, housekeeping services, legal, estate agents, and many more. To find a service or a company in your area, simply use the search facility at the top of every page and enter the name or desired location.

New businesses are joining us on a daily basi…

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Hospitality sector survival & Covid-19.

Today is Small Business Saturday 5th December 2020. How to make your business survive.

This year it is more important than ever to shop locally. The hospitality sector survival is at stake. If you need more reasons, here are Small Business ideas

The whole world is facing the effects of coronavirus. apart from the deaths, it has created many problems, especially for small businesses. Almost every sector in the UK has been closed at sometime. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and once again with the increase in Corona cases, more jobs will go.

According to the Bank of England:

There would be more than 2.6 million unemployed persons in the UK if the Covid-19 Pandemic remains till the middle of 2021.

In this article is about how the hospitality sector survival is good f…

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