There are many things to do, only if you want to make the effort

Time has never been more available to staff and companies due to the UK Lockdown. The topic of this post is to bring ideas that may not have been consider, and to use time productively.

A dog during lockdown

I am so sad, I don’t understand what lockdown means, I just don’t go out as much now. Hope I don’t get stolen.

If you are a business owner in Northamptonshire, there are many steps you can take right now to ensure there is a future for your business.

If you are an employee, self employed or on furlough. there is a lot you can do, that will help you face the future with confidence, and help pass the time.

Creating work is not normal

Work is something most of us have to do, but this is not normal times. Just think how much fun and maybe earning some money selling items on Ebay. There is also an App for Smartphones if a computer is not available.

The article called Lockdown on this website has a host of ideas, Check out the full article, there could be something there for you, or it could start a thought process which leads to solutions. More information on the Government website.

Tips for Business during UK Lockdown

For business owners in Northamptonshire. There are some tips for working during lockdown. If you have a website you can register now and be active within hours.

Tips for Individuals during UK Lockdown

Here are some ideas you might not of thought of, check out the full article.

Updated 23/01/2021

Sky News held an interview with 11 year old Benjamin Cornelius, who decided through boredom to write a book called Movalwar. If an 11 year old has boredom, what are the rest of the country struggling with?

Updated 24/01/2021

Online learning is proving to be a major source of benefit to both companies and individuals. Companies direct staff to free and paid online course, which helps both. Individuals can lean new skills to prepare them for a different type of future.

There are many more, just search for online courses.

There are many old and new things to do during Lockdown. Which may go on longer than many people had planned for.

We all need to help and support each other during these very difficult times. 

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