Today is Small Business Saturday 5th December 2020.

How to make your business survive.

This year it is more important than ever to shop locally. The hospitality sector survival is at stake. If you need more reasons, here are Small Business ideas

The whole world is facing the effects of coronavirus. apart from the deaths, it has created many problems, especially for small businesses. Almost every sector in the UK has been closed at sometime. Millions of people have lost their jobs, and once again with the increase in Corona cases, more jobs will go.

According to the Bank of England:

There would be more than 2.6 million unemployed persons in the UK if the Covid-19 Pandemic remains till the middle of 2021.

In this article is about how the hospitality sector survival is good for everybody, this advice and tips will be equally helpful for other businesses as well.ย Now the vaccine has started to arrive, do not stop and wait, do something now.

The worth of Hospitality Sector for the UK

In 2015, 2.9 million people in the UK were directly employed in this business sector, and in 2016 it became the 4th biggest employment sector, having 3.2 million direct and 2.8 million indirect jobs.

The hospitality sector generates more than ยฃ73bn of Gross Value. These stats show it’s importance. How can this sector survive the Covid-19 pandemic?

How to survive Covid-19 in the Hospitality sector?

After studying the lockdown situation in several countries and after understanding the smart lockdown approach in other countries like, here are some tips for the Hospitality sector survival.

Covid-19 Image with Girl having a face mask

Do not ignore the safety rules. It will be almost impossible to run a business if the Government announces a full lockdown. The world is now following a smart lockdown and it is only possible if the businesses will take responsibility for a safe and clean environment, and follow the rules.

Understand the responsibility for staff and customers health. Make sure you are following all the medical rules and your place is also clean. You may be in tier one, two or three, but the same general rules apply.

Understand the Demand

Not all of the hospitality sector in the UK will survive if the Government announces a full lockdown, but some businesses that are directly linked with basic needs such as food can continue. If your business is not directly related to the basic needs of people, then you should read the plan B below.

Another approach is, take a look at the first era of lockdown, and see which products were in-demand. If you have investment finance, then it would be a good idea to start a small start-up.

Letโ€™s digitalize it

Digital businesses revenue has increased during Covid-19. The main reason has been the closing of physical stores and markets. It is time to be smarter and take your business online. Food-related sectors have easily done it and and have seen their profits increase.

Other businesses like hotels, tourism, and entertainment must have an online presence for survival. These are the places people physically visit, so there is little chance of them opening fully. But you can create paid videos and sell them, create online bingo sessions, quiz’s and much more.

For Example, A tourism company can sell pictures and videos of beautiful scenes captured during recent visits. Invite people create an article for publishing on the website, have people vote for the best, keep them informed of your business ideas and plans.

Smart & Creative

The UK hospitality sector’s survival is different for every business. But, the single tip is to be smart and creative. You can surely find ways to run a business successfully even in a Coronavirus pandemic if you will start thinking creatively.

Look at your competitors, especially in other cities and even in other countries with a similar situation. Understand how they are doing business in the pandemic and copy their tricks. Don’t use Google to do your searching. Google understands how you search, and provides only those that match your search history.

Make a Plan B

Did nothing work? Why make a new plan? Start a new online business.

A Digital Business is a great idea. There are hundreds of online businesses that will fit everyone’s budget. You can choose any of them. You can follow the News here with more updates from time to time. Check out our FAQ’s