Website Valuation

Research has shown the majority of business owners have little interest in their website, and it shows. After the first or second publishing, nothing else happens. This could be due to having a family friend create a website on the cheap, or a company is hired to create a site and that’s all. Owners often don’t know who is responsible for the site after a few months. Why is there so much apathy about such an important business asset?

Always busy?

frustrated business owner

There is never enough time in the day for most business owners, but if the owner has no time or interest in the company website, who does? The Internet is now used by the majority of on-line people to search and find potential solutions and suppliers before making a purchase. That’s one part to consider, another point is the company reputation.

Valuating a website

Is the website as good as company brochures and literature? Is the site receiving visitors? Are orders coming from the website? Can the site be viewed on a Smartphone and tablet? Do we receive email enquiries?ย  If the owner does not ask these simple questions, nothing happens and customers go to the competition.

Time for action

Lack of knowledge is no excuse. Nowadays it is easy to obtain a website review for a few ยฃ’s, armed with this information, correct decisions can be made. Let the team at Northampton Business Directory help, we know what we are doing. If after this short intro you still want to do everything yourself, then try the free help from Google Webmaster.
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