Local Directories.

Local Directories mean business.

We have written an article about the benefits of local Business Directories for businesses of all sizes. The information is too much to show in a post. Here is the full article.

Every business with a website, has the problem of how to be found if the business is not already well known. Some business names are nothing like their website name. People search for what they think are the right words to find a business, not always what the company is known for.

Don't use Google to search for your business

If you do, you will nearly always come out near the top. Why? Because Google understands people very well, and also understands interests and recent search words. If you frequently ask Google about your company, it remembers your interest, and provides information matching those words.

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Local Services really do matter.

Local Suppliers really do matter. Not just the Business Directory, but local public services as well.

It is a well known fact that local Government services are better for the population than those arranged from central Government. Local people know what is needed and where. An interesting article on Local Government is here. Both Northampton and Northamptonshire are mentioned.

Locally grown vegetables taste better and help local farmers.

That is why a local Business Directory will always be better than national or international Directories if your customers are based within 40 miles. For hotels, restaurants, local facilities, transport, small businesses, this makes sense. See our article on the benefits of using local companies.

Whether the UK stays in the European Union or mak…

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Businesses trust the Directory

Keeping the Directory local May sound strange, keeping the Directory local, but what it means is that we check that only companies and businesses with a listed address in the Northamptonshire area are included in this free local Directory. The more popular the Directory gets, the more companies from outside Northamptonshire try to get listed, after all, it is good for business, helps with brand recognition and Google listings. Customers can be certain that companies listed are truly local. We have received requests from Australia, Northampton in the USA, London and today Cardiff, all have been declined. The Northampton Business Directory is for all businesses, large and small in the Northamptonshire including subsidiaries of larger companies, all are allowed. Advertising for Businesses As a free local Directory we accept suitable advertising from local and national companies, if your business is based outside the area, consider placing a banner advert, the costs are…
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