Local Suppliers really do matter. Not just the Business Directory, but local public services as well.

It is a well known fact that local Government services are better for the population than those arranged from central Government. Local people know what is needed and where. An interesting article on Local Government is here. Both Northampton and Northamptonshire are mentioned.

Locally grown vegetables

Locally grown vegetables taste better and help local farmers.

That is why a local Business Directory will always be better than national or international Directories if your customers are based within 40 miles. For hotels, restaurants, local facilities, transport, small businesses, this makes sense. See our article on the benefits of using local companies.

Whether the UK stays in the European Union or makes a Brexit, local customers and suppliers will always be needed. One of the first steps is to get listed. This is easy.

If you are a customer looking for services or products in Northamptonshire, just type your search in the search box on every page. If you are a business, there is a bit more work to do.

Northamptonshire Businesses, here is what you need to do.

Join the Directory. Click on the “Join” link in the menu bar. Enter a Username, Password and an email address for your business. Keep these details safe. You now have 2 days to complete the next step, or 4 days over a week-end.

Enter the details of your business. This is very important. Google and other search engines will index your business details, and the description text. Words in the description are used by our search facility when customers are looking for a business.

We check every new business listing and will contact you if there is anything missing. You will receive a message to the email address provided that your listing is activated and in the Directory.

Still not happy with the instructions? We will create your listing for you, you still have to send us your business details. Please this Free Listing Form.

That’s it all done. Remember you can always login and add new information, special offers, events and images. Any problems, just contact us.