Change is coming to the Directory

We have to change the free listing to a paid listing in 2022

It has been decided to change the free listing option, to a paid option from 2022. We established the Local Directory in 2014, and there has always been a free option for every business located in Northamptonshire.

Like everybody, we are facing rising costs from every direction, so change has to happen. We believe the Listing options from 2022 will offer great value, and will help fund the work we do to promote the Directory for the benefit of all listed Northamptonshire businesses.

Nothing before December 2021

Every business that joins before the end of the year will still enjoy all the existing benefits and there is no expiry date on Listings created until the end of the year.

There are many benefits for any type of local business that ha…

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Finding local customers: Tips for promoting a business online

Who are my local customers, and where are they?

Where do online national and local customers come from? A simple question. For many businesses and organisations, this is very hard to answer. There are facilities to understand who and why people visit a website.

Listed in this free Northamptonshire Directory are a wide variety of businesses, and many different styles of websites. Having a website is only the first step in finding customers. Potential customers have to find the business website as well. For the smaller business owner or the manager of a local branch, this next step does not happen.

Business Promotion

Who takes care of the website? Unfortunately often the answer is nobody. It could be DIY, a website designer, in some cases a marketing company. There are steps even a small business can do to promote themselves and their website. …

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How to create a free listing

A free listing made simple

The Internet can be easy to use if you are searching and looking at websites. But what if you need to create a free listing to promote your business?

Part of our mission is to help Northamptonshire businesses prosper and survive the Covid pandemic, and bring wealth into the county. This can only happen if you make the effort.

Two ways to have a free listing

First is registration which must be completed. Don't worry, we do not sell your details. Then comes the two options.


Proceed to the selection of the free option, the listing form is then available for completion. We have provided lots of help to smooth the work. You have 48 hours to complete the listing. After that time, your account will be deleted.

All applications a…

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Why a free listing is a good idea

Most people use Google to search A local business can find it hard to attract visitors unless the business makes a lot of effort with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), makes regular updates and adds frequent Posts. Because if this is not done, Google and other search engines do not rate an individual website very high in search results. Stack the results in your favour Directories of all types are often listed at the top of many search results. The Northampton Business Directory is listed in many search results, but is not the only one. Most customers are local for many businesses and it is this market that is important.The following are searches that are not found in our Directory. " Painter, b&b, accountants, chiropodist,ย mechanical design" If these searches are the area your business operates in, then a lost customer.  A Local Business needs exposure A free listing does not compete with an existing website, but supports it locally, where it matters mo…
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Many companies try to list, but are refused.

Only Northamptonshire companies permitted The local companies Directory started out with the idea that any company or small businesses could benefit from a free local Directory to add and promote their business. There is not much in life that is really free, but we are. We approve or reject every listing to ensure the Directory stays local. If you don't promote your company for free where customers live, your competitors will.We are sorry to the many applicants from the UK and around the world that have applied, but that are our rules.For local residents, the first choice is nearly always local, easy to find and visit.Naturally local businesses like restaurants, food and furniture stores, plumber, decorators, website designers, business marketing are listed. But also care homes, estate agents, insurance companies, pubs and adult services, are you listed yet? If one of your favourite businesses is not listed, tell them about the free Directory. 
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