Marketing preparations for the future

Brexit dominates the news, and for many business owners and managers, there is nothing they can do, except prepare. We commissioned a report which goes some ways to explain what should be considered when planning for Brexit.

With so little information and facts which seem to change as fast as the weather, what can be done?

Will your business survive if you do nothing?

At the heart of every business are the customers, and they are as worried about the future as well. If customer numbers fall, revenue falls, staff are laid off, banks consider their support, etc,etc. It is a vicious circle. Doing nothing should not be an option.

How a local Business Directory can help?

We are talking about Northamptonshire Marketing. It is not a word to be frighten of, it just means telling potential customers about your business. If customers don’t know about your business, they can always find a competitor. So the winner is the business that has spread information on the company products and services to many sources. The Northamptonshire Business Directory is one such marketing source, and it is free.

Northamptonshire and Marketing

Northamptonshire Marketing

The majority of people now have a Smartphone, these are often used to find products and services at a location near to the phone user, or can be delivered to their address. With Google dominating the search engine marketing area, it is important that a business is listed and reaches high up in the search results. The free local Business Directory for Northamptonshire can help with online marketing.

Customers start a search by a location, a product or service, then add additional search words like “Northampton/restaurants/Thai restaurants” If the restaurant has prepared their website correctly for the common search terms, they will be found on the top page of results. Helping a business to achieve top results also means having quality links to a business, and business reviews.

A quality free listing in the local Directory, which also provides for customer reviews is a great place to start any online marketing. The Directory also does it’s own marketing, promoting every business with a listing in all the major search engines. Google does index every listing regularly, because we tell Google where your business is listed.