We welcome all new members to the Northampton Business Directory and wish you success with your business. If you have decided to add your business to the Directory, there are some points to consider when completing your free listing.

copywriting servicesThe Directory updates and notifies the major search engines frequently, so that your listing can be found when potential customers search for your type of products and services. But how does Google, Bing and others find your listing? They find it by scanning our Directory for updates and changes. This means what you put in, or don’t put in your listing, has a direct impact on the search results. If you have less than 250 words the chances are that you will not be listed correctly. Just image a library full of information. Your competitor describes his competing business with lots of information, you add a sentence to yours. Guess which will be found.


Time to consider a copywriting serviceA professional independent copywriting service can view your business and discuss how to present your business so as to attract the greatest number customers, A small amount of effort in this area can make a significant difference. Time now to increase your business sales. This service is also available for your website. Great copy on your home page will boost your chances of being listed higher in Google search results and for existing customers is a great method to show the latest news and products.



Copy writing service for new and existing customersNow we know that most companies don’t have copy writing skills in house, nor the time or skills to create an interesting description of the business that is search engine friendly, so we are pleased to announce that shortly a copy writing service for all existing and new Directory members. The copy writing service details will be published shortly, but if you need support now, please use our contact form to request details. We are here to help your business grow, but you also need to be involved.