Protect your website from hackers

Hackers hate Anti-virus and Malware software.

Never thought about Hackers before. For many years owning or managing a website was fairly simple. Nowadays with hackers using bots to spread malicious code, everybody is at risk. I know because it happened to this Directory.

Which is why I started exploring the possibilities of trying to prevent the Directory going down again. Thankfully my hosting companies uses Sucuri a high end solution for major users, as a final back-stop. Expensive for most, but what can a small company do?

This article concerns WordPress as the CMS

WordPress is the leading Content Management System for websites. It is free and there are literally thousands of free and paid opportunities for Themes and Plugins. A business owner needs to understand the basics behind the business website, and what to do if something goes wrong…

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You have new email

Email: What you do next is important.

Every business uses email one way or another. The first important step for any business is to take security seriously, and install Anti-Virus and Malware software. See a description of the messaging service

The next step is to train the person responsible for opening emails in the correct procedures. Failure to take basic security seriously, will open the company to possible lasting damage, and loss of customer trust. An old saying "Trust is good, control is better".

Trust is vital

People need to trust that a business to take security seriously, this is very important. If your website starts with https:// that is a major requirement for building trust. Because it means communications to the website is more secure. An additional benefit is, Google will rank the business website higher in any search results.…

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