Hackers hate Anti-virus and Malware software.

Never thought about Hackers before. For many years owning or managing a website was fairly simple. Nowadays with hackers using bots to spread malicious code, everybody is at risk. I know because it happened to this Directory.

Which is why I started exploring the possibilities of trying to prevent the Directory going down again. Thankfully my hosting companies uses Sucuri a high end solution for major users, as a final back-stop. Expensive for most, but what can a small company do?

This article concerns WordPress as the CMS

WordPress is the leading Content Management System for websites. It is free and there are literally thousands of free and paid opportunities for Themes and Plugins. A business owner needs to understand the basics behind the business website, and what to do if something goes wrong. Drachsi might have the solution you need.

A genuine hacker Case Story

Us. This story is about this Directory, which was hacked twice recently, and the site shut down by the hosting company for security reasons. We had taken precautions before, so no personal data security was breached. We worked closely with the hosting company who provide the details so we could take action.

Which we did and the Directory went live again. Then we decided to put more security into place to prevent or limit the effect again. Because the hackers never go away. More on security in our Q and A section.

Hackers hate Anti-Virus and Malware software

Our research found a company that offers both Anti-Virus and Malware protection suitable for smaller businesses. The business website should use WordPress, which nearly 50% of global websites do. The cost is very reasonable and is backed by great support. More than 100,000 copies in use. We only download Themes and Plugins from www.wordpress.org for security reasons.