A hard winter needs preparations

A hard winter can mean different things to different people. Normally associated with freezing cold winds, icy roads, power cuts, and snow. But this year it is likely to be different. In affect, a perfect storm is approaching.

A combination of Corvid-19, higher fuel prices, shortages in the shops and the weather will possible test everybody, but there are important steps that can be taken.


Covid-19 will around for a long time, and winter is often the worse. Prepare for lock downs and restrictions, by purchasing face marks, preferably the FFP2 type if possible before the rush starts. A basic reserve of food, and hand sanitisers.

A hard winter means higher energy bills.

Possible the one area where people have some control. Reduce energy consumption and insulate, insulate.

The weather

The British weather is unpredictable, prepare for the worse and hope for the best.


The Government announced today, grants of up to ยฃ5,000 for the installation of a heat pump for 90,000 homes. ยฃ450 million. Here is a US Government explanation of the benefits of a heat pump. Could not find a UK version. There are a number of UK manufacturers of heat pumps. Most are produced abroad.

Everybody should consider how to reduce energy usage, we have to plan for the future and become a Climate Activist.

A hard winter future

The UK will be purchasing electricity from Norway via the longest undersea power cable in the world. The electricity is produced by hydroelectric installations. As a country we should have invested more in hydroelectric sources, enough rain falls in Wales and in Scotland to reduce the countries dependants on other countries for a critical energy source.

COP 26

May in a few weeks the UK will finally announce it is becoming a Climate Activists with a range of global setting standards. Unless drastic action is taken, there will be continuing a energy crisis and the cost to prevent the climate going over 1.5C will a lot more. In the end you will the payer of last resort. Greta Thunberg “Blah blah blah” should make leaders take action and do it NOW.

The Government will activate it’s “Plan B” when necessary, make certain you are prepared