Become a Climate Activist and change the world.

Become a climate activist now and see the results in a lifetime.

Everybody should become a Climate Activist

Become a Climate Activist, why? Because it will affect you and your town, often within 6-8 years. Many will call this scaremongering, but the facts speak for themselves. The climate is changing fast and will affect everybody.

An article in the Guardian Newspaper (15th October 2021), was a mind-shattering experience, and frightening. So easy to hide from the truth and put off doing something, however small. But the article is really aimed at the Government and policymakers. Change is coming, and coming fast to Northamptonshire.

Ever heard of the Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth, headed by Greg Hands? It took over some of the roles of the now defunct 2017 Climate Change Minister When the Government removes the name “Climate Change” then it is safe to assume they are not “climate activists“.

Climate Activist Action plan

The first step is for as many people as possible to read the article, but what is done next is a personal choice. We like the idea that the article is sent to all local MPs. Then post the article on social media, adding the link to Blogs, websites, etc.

Become an activist for your own future, it is now time to stand up and take action. We all have been warned. If you have news about local action, please send details using our contact form and we will re-publish, free of charge.

The Queen is reported today to be irritated at the lack of progress before the start of COP26. What can ordinary people do?

The Climate Activist group Insulate Britain has made a big issue of protesting and being arrested. One positive from this has been the Labour Party’s decision to be more Climate Change active.

Actions that can be taken by a normal Climate Activist.

Small steps that can be taken could include the following. Drive less, and switch off the engine at traffic lights. Naturally, home and office insulation should be urgently considered before the winter. There are many Government grants available. Energy price rises are going to affect everybody.

Shopping can have the biggest impact.

Possibly the biggest item that has the biggest effect on the climate is meat. Especially if the meat comes from South America. Forest deforestation has a huge impact, cattle have a big impact and shipping has a big impact. Shop for local or near local sources, and reduce the amount if possible.

Then there are the nice-to-have products, fruit and vegetables out of season, and wine from the other side of the world. Added to that are the millions of items which are made in countries with low standards of environmental management, far away.

To become a Climate Activist all people have to do is think, and then make small lifestyle, travel and purchasing changes, and keep the pressure on the Government to take the necessary decisions NOW.