Northamptonshire means business for all businesses

Northamptonshire means business

Targeting local Northamptonshire customers

Northamptonshire means business if you are any type of business located within the area. Serving local customers just got faster and cheaper to target. Create a free business listing in the Directory. There is no time limit. More information in our Questions and Answers section.

Benefits of joining the Northamptonshire Business Directory

First, it is free. It is not owned by a national company. We are a private service providing help to small and local businesses and companies. If you live or work in Northamptonshire, using a local company can provide better service and often employs local people just like you. Supporting the local economy makes sense, for many reasons.

Northampton means business
We have been around since 2014, time you added your listing.

Northamptonshire means business

Many businesses do not fully understand the benefits of adding company details to a Free Business Directory. It is called getting found. We much prefer the terms promotion or marketing.

The majority of people search using Google, and the search terms used can vary depending on what is being searched. We are pleased that Google searches our Directory frequently and knows and understands the contents of each business listing.

This information is used by Google to provide the links searchers require. For example, searches for ” Northampton Directory” or Northampton Business Directory” show in the top ten results. Here is another example, the two listings for the same company are together in a Google search in the top ten, showing the power of a free listing.

Free Northampton Business Directory listing for the Great Tattsby

Northamptonshire means business is more than a slogan, it is a fact.

This article is a little outdated, but as it has been well indexed by Google, we have added some additional information. Never delete old pages, as they remain in Google’s index for a long time, and you never know for certain which page a person decides to click on.