The Northampton Business Directory listing in GoogleGoogle lists your local Northampton Business Directory in the top 3

Searching anonymously for “Northampton Directory” or “Northampton Business Directory” in November 2016, the Directory has now reached position 1 and 3 in Google searches. Update. End August 2017 now listed at number 1.

This matters, as companies listed in the Directory all benefit from our rating. The more listings in the Directory, the more a business is likely to show in the search results.

We have published an article which explains how to search the Directory and how to search using Google and Bing. The article is called How to search and opens in a new window.

The greatest challenge facing any company is how to be located in the first page of results for a keyword. There are thousands of companies offering a wide range of services, and you can spend a lot of money for results which can change quickly. A better method is to produce a wide range of interesting information, and then build a number of quality links to your company website. Make the Northampton Directory part of your link building strategy.

Owning a website is an ongoing work in progress, and is considered one of the most neglected business resources a company owns. The value of a properly maintain website can reflect greatly in the financial results. The valuation of a website in company your accounts should reflect, not only the design costs and maintenance costs, but the value the brand name has at bringing in new customers. This Brand value can be high. The value of a branded website could be measured in thousands of ยฃ’s.

How to search

If you search like most people, you use Google or maybe Bing. But the results are biased. They know more about you than you think. You will have seen how ads following around for something you are interested in, same with searching. They both provide information they decide will be of interest, but what if you want unbiased information. Then you need to use a search by This still uses Google but without your background information affecting the results.