Asset or Liability

Why is it that many companies have no time or are not interested in their website?, they have one, that’s all that matters, but times are changing and this head in the sand approach will affect every company. The no time problem can be solved quickly. Not interested is a bigger problem.

The first step is trying to contact the person responsible for the website, the switchboard if there is one, often has no idea what the conversation is about and you are passed onto somebody else. Sales often has no idea, maybe there is somebody that handles marketing? Could be lucky and speak to the owner, who confirms they have a website, and no, there are no plans to spend any money.

What is a website worth?

Answers range from it costs money, to we could not survive without our website, the majority are in the middle. The first step is to ask some very simple questions.

  • Do we have a website?
  • Who is responsible?
  • How many sales do we get from our site?
  • How many visitors a week/ monthly do we get?
  • What is the monthly budget if any?
  • When was it last updated?

30 seconds to ask the questions, maybe a long time before all the answers are available. Sometimes it can be quicker to request a website audit for a few pounds, which will provide a detailed report on the current website situation. See if your site is an asset or a liability