What is Marketing?

Marketing can be defined as creating a desire to purchase a product or service in a potential buyer.ย The most important component of any business is marketing. Without marketing there are no customers and, consequently, no business. ย Here is a definition.ย 

People are searching for your company

Analysing how people access and use this free Directory, it has been found that local business people register their business, but the majority of visitors are looking for a local service, store or product. Make certain you are found, add your business now, it is quick and simple.

Business to Business Marketing

We are a Business to Business Directory providing free marketing services to local companies in the Northamptonshire area.ย It was once said that “people don’t buy products they buy benefits”.

Business to Consumers Marketing

Local Northampton Marketing 2017

Why is this important for your listing?

Listings are frequently indexed by the leading search engines, which means if people locate the Northampton Business Directory, and search for your type of product or services, or independently find your listing, your business description will be what they read.

Most business owners are notย copywriters, and many times the text just turns prospective customers off. Generally recognised is, “it is all or nothing” in 3 seconds. There could be typo errors, spelling mistakes and poor grammar, plus insufficient text. 300 words is what is recommended.

Another problem are Agencies. Many agencies do not promote their clients business where there are positive returns. If the Agency adds a business in the Directory and the business changes agency, the listing administration will not be accessible or updated. If an agency added your business, get the login details and password. Failure to obtain the account details means the listing will have to be created again and pass through our review team before publishing.

Google needs you

If the listing does not describe the business correctly, or has limited number of words, Google will find it difficult to index and list. The loser is the business your are promoting.

We are not professional copywriters and suggest that you consult one for your business description. We have contacts and can request a quotation for your business listing if required.

The same rules apply to your main business website, if Google or Bing cannot find a sitemap of the website information, you lose. We build sitemaps for all our listings so you will be found.