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A live news summary of the latest updates.

The majority of websites have the opportunity to publish a collection of current posts and the latest news stories but most never bother. Our Directory provides an RSS feed, called a Really Simple Syndication. A collection of posts and pages, sorted by date.

Notice the link to the Directory Award. The Post is already located on the website, but might not always be viewed. Using an RSS feed in multiple places provides additional opportunities for the information to be seen.

Increasing visitors to a business website is not easy and requires knowledge, time and effort. Many businesses have no idea what is required and what is possible. Visitors conduct searches, usually Google to find information, products or services. In many cases, there is useful information already existing on the website that can be used. This includes posts.

On this page, we show a collection of the latest posts or Blog feeds on a single page. This can be very helpful for visitors to see an overview, but it also has the benefit of search engine optimisation for the website.

No updates are bad for any website.

Many websites are created and then forgotten, As the months and years roll by, the information becomes out of date and is no longer useful for search engines to index. A question often asked is, when did somebody spend time viewing the business website? Often the answer is never.

Do you know if your business website has problems?
Do you know if your business website has problems?
Do you know if your business website has problems?

Vote in the new Poll and see the results live. Our sister website conducts a website review of business websites and submits the findings. Amazing the types of errors and mistakes made on many websites. Most companies never view a website from a customer’s point of view.

In conclusion, it is important that somebody is responsible for the website and the site is frequently updated and reviewed