Free marketing is great value for every business

Time is always limited for the business owner. Everybody needs to market their business so that customers can find them online. Now there is Create and Forget marketing for every listing in the free local Northamptonshire Business Directory. We used a “forget me not” flower image. We will not forget your business either.

We take care of the marketing of all listings in the Directory. A local listing in a popular Directory is of great value. This increases the chances of the main company website receiving more visitors. A qualified link from a recognised Directory will always help boost the rankings of the main business website.

Not all Directories are created equal.

There are many types of Directories to join, many are not free. A typical business may join a number of Directories which suit the business requirements. Business to Business (B2B) Directories are available. Most companies and organisations then forget about the listing, we don’t. We like to think of this type of marketing as “Create and Forget” marketing.

Many businesses serve customers nationwide. It makes sense to register with national Directories. For the local customer market, there are a small number of Directories which have different conditions. Ours are simple. An address in Northamptonshire. We do not limit your potential customer area, just a Northamptonshire business.

We believe in “think local, shop local”. There are local, national and international businesses in the county, all are welcome. Why a listing is good for any business.

We know of Directories that never reply to questions, or after a free listing has been submitted, nothing happens. Here at the local Business Directory for Northampton and Northamptonshire, we treat all submitted listings as a matter of urgency. We aim for 24 hours. Sometimes due to demand approval may take 48 hours.

Google loves our Create and Forget (me not) marketing

The reasons are many, we make the effort to ensure that Google knows of all the changes, updates and listings on a regular basis. This is our Create and Forget marketing. Why is it important?, Google loves news and new information. If we do nothing, Google will stop being interested.

If you would like to submit content for a Post or an article, we would be pleased to consider this for inclusion in the Directory. There is no charge for this service.