Most websites are dead

Website graveyardTime and time again many companies ignore and forget their business website once it has been published on the Internet. This can be for any number of reasons, but the main ones seem to be a lack of knowledge and lack of time. The time factor is important as most company owners don’t have time to do everything. But that should not mean there should be a lack of interest. A non-functioning website or poorly designed site can have a very serious effect on sales and business reputation. It only takes 3 or 4 seconds for a visitor to judge a business, and make a decision.

Lack of knowledge should be a call to action

Employing Accountants to verify the company accounts is mandatory, but are also important to the business owners ,as it shows the financial state of the business. Most companies employ Advertising companies to product brochures and advertisements, Marketing companies for marketing, and in many cases friends or family to produce a website. A common question asked but not answered is ” How many people visit our website?” Start with this and if there is no positive reply, start to worry.

The Northampton Business Directory can help.

One of the reasons the Directory was started was to help local Northampton businesses owners publicises their business for free, and grow the number of local customers. Results have shown a singular lack of Internet knowledge.

Website Infographic

Check out this Infographic for busy website owners.