Do you use Wikipedia?

Support Wikipedia with a donationDid you know that Wikipedia is a non-profit charitable organisation and depends totally of contributions? Whilst Google is “Free” it does use and store a lot of personal information and adjusts the results based on your previous search terms. Naturally there are plenty of Ads as well.

Wikipedia is different.

We take it for granted that the information we seek, on a company, a song, a product is free, but dependable information comes at a cost to somebody. With Wikipedia the number five most used website in the world, covering 288 different languages and more than 4.5 million articles in English. this is global resource we all must take part in supporting. I’m going to ask you to support Wikipedia with a ยฃ3 donation. You will receive a very nice personal email from the Wikimedia Foundation.

wikimediaThe Wikimedia image is the link to make your payment. The contributors to the Encyclopedia don’t receive any payment, they do it to give back to all of us, their knowledge and experience, which helps us all learn and understand.

Have you considered becoming a Wikipedia member and adding your knowledge to to the global community? Standards are high, but the satisfaction of giving is tops.