Northampton Directory is unique

There are many Business Directories for Northampton Why another Northampton Directory? The simple answer is, this Directory provides solutions for business owners, no other Directory offers. For example a free listing for six months, which allows a detailed description of the company, selection or suggestions in the Categories section, normal phone and web address details, business logo, and the opportunity to change and modify a listing whenever required. This allows for the best self promotion opportunities.

Plus, each and every listing owner benefits from search engine optimisation undertaken by the Northampton Business Directory, which can add to any existing company website ratings. The more qualified links your business website has, the better.

Additional benefits for Northampton companies, is the opportunity to advertise locally on a range of different pages at very com…

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West Northamptonshire Development Corporation

The West Northamptonshire Development Corporation is closing down. From the end of March 2014 the West Northamptonshire Development Corporation will close. Over the past decade, the Corporation has been supporting a ยฃ1bn regeneration plan, ranging from the new and improved Northampton Railway Station to the multi-award winning iCon Innovation Centre in Daventry. More information on the WNDC here    
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