Northampton and Northamptonshire history

Now over 5,000 years old.

The history of Northampton and the county of Northamptonshire goes back a long way to 3,500 BC. That is a long history for any settlement to have. For many visitors and Northamptonians it comes as surprise what has happen in the pass.

Motto โ€˜CASTELLO FORTIOR CONCORDIAโ€™ โ€“ โ€œPeace is stronger than a fortressโ€.

Northampton was once the capital of England for more than 200 years. With this rich history and its location in middle England, the town and area have grown into a successful and thriving county.

But all is not well, the population voted to leave the European Union and will have to face an uncertain future until all the promises become true. To help companies promote their businesses across the county, this local Business Directory provides a free marketing service for all local firms. Have you joined yet?

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