How to create a free listing

A free listing made simple

The Internet can be easy to use if you are searching and looking at websites. But what if you need to create a free listing to promote your business?

Part of our mission is to help Northamptonshire businesses prosper and survive the Covid pandemic, and bring wealth into the county. This can only happen if you make the effort.

Two ways to have a free listing

First is registration which must be completed. Don't worry, we do not sell your details. Then comes the two options.


Proceed to the selection of the free option, the listing form is then available for completion. We have provided lots of help to smooth the work. You have 48 hours to complete the listing. After that time, your account will be deleted.

All applications a…

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Free Directory Listing for your business.

More than 960 pages indexed by Google.

The Northamptonshire Business Directory is a popular website for customers, business owners, and Google. With more than 960 pages indexed and includes every Directory listing, which are free.

Marketing never got easier or cheaper

Every company understands the need to market their business. Many companies websites are so often left to fend for themselves. In the highly competitive market of achieving top page results in search engine results, work must be done.

The British Independent Retailers Association reports that 38% of the money spent locally, stays local. This is good for everybody. Help local companies survive, support local businesses.

A Directory listing can make a big difference

This is a very difficult time for many local businesses due to Covid-19. The lo…

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Free Marketing

Free Marketing for all listed companies Free marketing are highly evocative words, and often means it is not really free. But when a company has taken the time to register, added their information, then free marketing does happen. To give an example. A company registers and publishes their information. That information is part of our Directory Sitemap and is listed on a number of websites. These websites then provide a link back to the listing. So much for so little effort. To prove the point, here is an image taken for a top website that shows the members that have joined the Northampton Business Directory.Each one of the listings is a hot link to your business in the Northampton Business Directory, so it really is free marketing. Take advantage today and join the free local Northamptonshire Business Directory. Click here to get started in your local Northamptonshire Business Directory. Yes, there are a number of Northamptonshire Directories and it make sense to join …
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