This information has been cancelled.

The link to the local Northamptonshire Superfast Britain has been deleted. The website has gone, so the following information no longer applies. If you know of other offers to help local businesses, please make contact. Make sure your website takes better care of making changes, lost and missing links upset customers and they vote with the click of a button.

Finally its here £

As from the first of April 2015, Northamptonshire companies can apply for a £3,000 grant for upgrading their business broadband connection. Some companies will take advantage of the scheme support by the Northamptonshire County Council and the Coventry City Council. Unfortunately many companies will not know about the grant, or it will not be considered important for their business. Superfast Northamptonshire has arrived

Lack of interest

Not interested, no time, are common reactions from the busy company owner. Younger owners are fully aware of the many benefits the Internet brings to a business. Convincing the older owner is a harder challenge. Is your website (if you have one) producing customers and increasing profits? The article Asset or Liability could answer some of the major questions.

Northamptonshire created 6,246 companies in 2014, and now has 36,234 businesses. Many yet have still embrace the Internet. Now is the time to grab the grant.

Superfast Northamptonshire

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