Stay local can mean big savings

Shopping for anything can mean big savings if you stay local. Whether you are a business or a customer, shopping locally has many benefits. This Directory supports all companies with a grade one free listing service. For customers, only local companies are listed, which helps the local economy.

This site is basically in two parts. For customers, and for Northamptonshire businesses with an address in the county. As a customer, it is easy to find a listed business, either by visiting the Categories in the search box or by typing in the main search area what you are looking for. This could be a product, service or business by name.

If the search results return a nothing found message, then the business has not taken advantage of the full free listing service available. Or it could be they are listed but have supplied very limited information.

The more effort that is made in creating a listing, the better the chances are of being found. Not just this Directory, but by Google as well. If you are already listed, then take a moment to check your description has at least 300 words and contains what the business is about. As mentioned before, type your business name into Google and if you have a listing in the Directory, you will see that as well as your business, twice the coverage.

Common mistakes are no business logo or image, and a short description. It should also be noted that if your website is not preceded by https:// then Google will downgrade your business website. Why?, because it is not secure by modern standards. We have tried to answer many common questions in our Q & A section.

We are happy to reply to any genuine questions. Contact us here.

Only time will tell if the message works.

Over the coming months if you see many shops not re-opening. or businesses closing down that have been active for years, then a possible cause is people did not support local companies. Here is a good description of why this matters.