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Local business directories like the Northampton Business Directory are the online replacement for local paper “yellow pages” directories. In the digital age, online directories will soon overtake paper directories as the main way people locate businesses in their area. Residents, tourists, and people new to the area all rely on local online business directories to point them in the right direction for services and companies that meet their needs.

Business owners need to create their own directory listing page rich with information, photos, and offers designed to attract customers to both brick-and-mortar local stores as well as online stores. A well-done local business profile in an online local business directory such as the Northampton Business Directory can generate up to 2000 motivated local business visitors monthly, according to one study.

Google needs your help

Search Engine MarketingA solid business directory listing includes not only the basics of location, contact information and hours of business, but also quality photos, information about the services and merchandise, reviews and customer testimonials, coupons and specials and links to social media pages for the business. Companies seeking customers from amongst the tech savvy younger generation and millennials must contact them where those people search, which is online and on mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. Failure to do so is to give away up to two thirds of potential profit annually.

Quality business listings optimise their content for search engines keywords, specifically those words and phrases that customers might use to look for their company. For instance, Northampton Dental Specialists might use keywords such as Northampton Dentist, Northampton Dentistry, dentist Northampton, and so forth. A potential customer using Google or another, could enter any of these search terms and find Northampton Dental Specialists easily in the search engine.


The Northampton Business Directory would have a business listing page created by Northampton Dental Specialists filled with valuable information for that new patient, including business hours, location, directions, and a map to the office. They might include new patient specials, coupons, photos of the friendly dentists, information about dental procedures, and comforting information about pain management during procedures.

Every business is unique, so it is important to customise your business listing in the Business Directory. Cite reasons your business is different from competitors in the same niche, and what makes your company special. What makes your business passionate and energetic about the products and services you provide?

Today’s business world, even in small towns, is surprisingly competitive. Every possible customer needs to be found and engaged. Your business may not be ready for global traffic yet, but you are certainly ready for tourists and visitors from around the world. They need to know about your business and they need to be eager to visit your shop or engage your services when they visit the Northampton region. The only way they will know about you is to learn about you through the internet, social media and word of mouth. Relying on local customers may not be enough to continue to sustain a business in today’s marketplace, a search engine like that included in this site can help customers find your listing quickly.

Think about your potential customers

The Northampton Business Directory can help small and medium sized businesses craft a keyword-optimised, searchable, and attractive business directory listing for any company in the region. Include your business in the online business directory and reach people who want to find your company. Make sure your business does not get lost in the crowd.

Remember, according to the Kelsey Group, 70% of online searchers use local searches such as the Northampton Business Directory to find local offline businesses just like yours and 30% of Google searches are to find information about local businesses and services. With over 3 billion searches every month worldwide, the potential for your small business is staggering.

Ensure your business presence is everywhere your potential customers might look for your company. This is a critical part of your local marketing plan, so do not wait. Add your local business listing page to the Northampton Business Directory today!

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